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Image of a child at a workshop. Edfinders is for workshop providers, children workshops, educational settings and schools.

A platform that connects educational settings to their ideal workshops. We help provide unique and rewarding learning experiences, giving every child a light bulb moment.

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Image of founders of Edfinders. Edfinders is a technology startup, edtech, workshop provider platform.
Image of founders of Edfinders. Edfinders is a technology startup, edtech, workshop provider platform.

Who are EdFinders?

We are passionate about connecting educational settings with their ideal workshops that will help children flourish and learn. As previous nursery owners and having worked in schools, we understand the frustrations from both sides. Our aim is to be the perfect solution – saving time and resource for educators whilst creating a simple and cost-effective route to market for workshop providers. Simply fill in the find workshop form and we will find the perfect workshop for your needs.


  • At this stage, we are gathering data to fully understand the problems that schools, youth clubs, and nurseries and other settings experience when sourcing and booking workshops. In the very near future, we will launch our service in full and our mission is to allow children to have their “lightbulb moment” through experiencing the right educational stimulus through workshops.
  • We are liaising with a host of workshop providers to find a more cost-effective and simple route to market for them. We want to make the sourcing and booking of workshops as simple as straightforward as possible and believe we have the tools, experience and drive to make that happen.
  • Simply register your contact details in the form further down the page and we will keep you fully up to date as our business model comes to fruition. We are really close to launching and would love to guide you through our process – at no cost to you at all!
  • Through conversations with workshop providers, and our experience working with workshop providers when running our own business, we understand that marketing and speaking to the right decision-maker are major frustrations for many workshop providers. We will do this for you, along with liaising on logistics and legal requirements for a very competitive fee.
  • To take advantage of our fantastic time saving service there is a small annual subscription fee – and absolutely no hidden costs thereafter.

    If you are a workshop provider, please leave your contact details and we can talk you through the options to get involved. Our comprehensive service to you is competitively charged. We are keen to work with as many workshop providers as we can and have some generous offers waiting for the early adopters!

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“Having a portal that would identify a large variety of workshops, visits and trips would be such a helpful way of offering unique learning experiences for children. EdFinders is exciting and would be a huge benefit to any school, club or group.”

Mrs Whittaker - Assistant Headteacher

“EdFinders is an innovative way to quickly research and book workshops. Anybody who needs a workshop, from schools to birthday parties, can quickly access the right information all on one website. EdFinders is a refreshing and innovative company that has taken sourcing and booking workshops to a totally new level.”

Ian Dixon - Start-Up Consultant - Nova Ltd

“It is like you are doing all of the hard work for us!”

Rebecca - Kids Allowed

“This is everything we need to book a workshop under one roof!”

Leann - Kids Allowed

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