EdFinders – taking the strain out of sales and marketing

At EdFinders we are on a mission to help educators and workshop providers across the UK save valuable time and effort. We also want to give every child the opportunity to learn something new during their time in education. We call this their “lightbulb moment”.

We know from experience that educating children is not a straightforward task and the demands on time and effort are increasingly difficult to manage.

Our purpose is to reduce the time it takes to book external workshops and trips. More than that, we want to bring as many different experiential ways of learning as possible, so educators and children have access to the richly diverse range of learning on the market.

We carried out a survey with our user panel of workshop providers from across the UK to see what the landscape looked like from their perspective. The results make for an interesting read and further galvanise our determination to be the best conduit between education establishments and workshop providers.

We received feedback from 53 workshop providers:

Q1 – Which education settings do you currently work with?

  • 30% work with day nurseries
  • 34% work with pre-schools
  • 87% work with primary schools
  • 49% work with secondary schools
  • 28% work with colleges
  • 25% work with universities
  • 21% work with all of the above

EdFinders are focussed on engaging with day nurseries, Pre-school, primary school and secondary schools. Our team engage with the key decision-makers in each of these groups and we offer them a time, cost and effort saving service. We also believe that every education setting can benefit from knowing about the diverse range of workshops the UK has to offer – all at the touch of the EdFinders button!

Q2 – How do you advertise your business?

  • 51% use face-to-face meetings
  • 76% use social media
  • 98% use their website
  • 76% use email 
  • 55% use flyers to advertise
  • 2% use their phone for advertising
  • 2% use directories (online and printed)

EdFinders have a team of marketing professionals who are constantly engaging with your target market. Our team are experts at inbound marketing and also believe that face-to-face meetings, exhibitions and printed materials have a key part to play in making the right connections. 

Q3 – How do you receive your bookings?

  • 60% of workshops receive bookings by email
  • 27% of workshops take bookings on their website
  • 13% of workshops take bookings by phone

If you decide to work with the EdFinders team, we will handle all of the logistics, from marketing to booking and right through to getting feedback after the event, so we can all succeed, learn and grow. We do the admin and you do the delivery.

Q4 – Do you work full or part-time in education settings?

  • 51% work part-time in education settings
  • 49% work full time in education settings

For 2020, EdFinders is focusing all efforts on delivering a high-quality service to education organisations specifically. This actually includes youth clubs, holiday clubs, and hospitals. In fact, anywhere where children can receive an education!

Q5 – What causes the biggest pain when marketing your services?

  • 58% of responders stated “reaching the decision-maker”
  • 23% of responders found it difficult to create effective marketing
  • 13% of responders found the cost of marketing to be a pain
  • 4% of responders had no problems with marketing their business
  • 2% of responders were not sure

We know that workshop providers are passionate about their craft and we want to help each workshop provider to grow and keep educating our children. That is why we want to take away any of the pain points around getting bookings and keeping up to date with all of the requirements that go with working with children. We constantly look at safeguarding and Ofsted updates, so we can always be ready and equipped to help you find new work.

Thank you to all who responded to our questions. Your feedback helps us to shape how we work. If you would like to know a little more about EdFinders do feel free to drop us a line at hello@edfinders.co.uk