How to save valuable time with EdFinders

At EdFinders we are on a mission to help educators across the UK save valuable time and effort. We also want to give every child the opportunity to learn something new during their time in education. We call this their “lightbulb moment”.

We know from experience that educating children is not a straightforward task and the demands on time and effort are increasingly difficult to manage.

Our experience has shown us that, in some cases, it is easier to ‘just do what we did last year’, so children don’t always get the chance to experience new ways of learning and experiencing a subject. Whilst this often saves time, we want to give educators far more choice in the way a topic can be delivered in the classroom and on school trips.

“How does it work for me?”

As someone working in the school environment, you will be familiar with the need to be as efficient as possible. We can help you do that, whilst still exposing children to a wide range of experiences that can enhance their learning experience.

At EdFinders we research and connect with workshop providers from across the UK, covering as many subjects as we can possibly find. Our research team understand both curricular and non- curricular subjects and look out for experiences that will meet the needs of educators. We are always looking to add to our list of providers and have a dedicated team working on further building our network of connections.

The process is as follows:

  1. Visit EdFinders online and click the ‘Find a workshop!’ button
  2. Choose your key subject area from our comprehensive range – you can select from EYFS and the National Curriculum 
  3. Tell us your specific topics of interest (i.e. Ancient Egypt or recycled art)
  4. Tell us your name, email and class size
  5. Tell us what age group you are covering
  6. Tell us your preferred date for the workshop
  7. Tell us the name of your place of work
  8. What is your budget range? 
  9. Tell us a little about any accessibility requirements you may have
  10. Are you looking to visit a destination (i.e. a museum or science park)?
  11. Finally, do you have any additional needs or further comments you would like to tell us?


That’s it! Simply press the ‘Send Enquiry’ button and we will do the rest! Our aim is to come back to you with 2 days with some options for you. You can then review them and tell us which one you want to book. Once you are happy with your selection we will send an invoice to your place of work.

We then book the workshop on your behalf and arrange all of the logistics for you including:

  • Checking all insurance certificates and Enhanced DBS checks are in place
  • Calling the workshop provider one week before your event to ensure they have all of the information they need
  • Ensure they know the right address and time to arrive
  • Ensure they have enough time and space to set up 
  • Ensure they know when to de-rig and tidy up


We then check in with you two or three days before to ensure you are ready for the event.

We then ask you to let us know how it went. Based on your feedback, we engage with the workshop provider to see how we can further improve the experience for all parties.

We do not charge you for this service, we simply take a percentage of the fee that the workshop provider charges. There is no contract or joining fee at all for the first year. If you love what we do we are confident you will keep coming back for more! After the first 12 months, we ask you to join our subscription service for just £150 per year. This will enable you not only book all of your ideal workshops through us but also to take advantage of our other services, all aimed at saving you time, effort and money!